Skaftafell National Park, Iceland
August 04, 2014

This is the eighth of twenty locations in Southern Iceland that are in my forthcoming guide "A Landscape Photographer's Tour of Southern Iceland" and this series of blog posts are to whet your appetite for Iceland as a photographic destination. The guide provides the same kinds of information my UK guides provide, including maps, 360 degree interactive panoramic photographs, directions, and more.

In 2008 the 500km Skaftafell National Park became part of Vatnajökull National Park resulting in one of the largest national parks in Europe at 14200km2, covering 14% of Iceland. Skaftafell has a very well equipped visitor centre with plenty of information as well as a cafe and gift shop.


Although the Vatnajökull National Park includes the whole of the Vatnajökull glacier, Skaftafell National Park only included glacial tongues of the Vatnajökull glacier, the primary one being Skaftafellsjökull. There are plenty of hiking trails in Skaftafell National Park as well as guided walks onto the Skaftafellsjökull glacier.


Perhaps one of the best know attractions of Skaftafell National Park is the 20 meter high waterfall Svartifoss. It?s name comes from the amphitheatre of dark hexagonal basalt columns that surround the waterfall. Due to it?s popularity, access to the waterfall has been restricted to help protect the fragile vegetation.


Although Iceland has very little forested areas, the Bæjarstaðarskógur birch forest in Skaftafell National Park has tress that grow to 13 meters in height.

The photographs in this blog post are actually frames from video taken with a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. I hope to have a short video of the locations available soon.

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